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Professional landlord services

Handyman work in rental properties

Whether your property has a small maintenance task that needs completing or a large landscaping project to bring the garden up to a satisfactory standard, JDS Property Solutions in Bracknell are reliable and experienced in a whole host of property solutions. 

Perhaps your tenants have moved out and work needs completing before it is ready for new tenants, or maybe through general wear and tear your current tenants have given you a list of jobs that need completing - whatever the case, whatever the task, we have the time and skills to improve your property. 

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Ease some of the pressure of being a landlord

There are a number of building tasks that you as a landlord are required to upkeep - let us lighten the load by completing DIY and landscaping tasks on your behalf. 
Contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quote. 

Experienced & trustworthy

Are you a landlord and looking for handyman services for your properties? Contact JDS Property Solutions in Bracknell today.
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